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What is theCOREsystem

theCOREsystem is a metal building framing system created by BALLCO, a team of experienced metal building professionals who were frustrated by the lack of metal buildings on the market that satisfied their requirements, that is, buildings that were not only cost effective, but could withstand "real world" punishment over extended periods of time. Snow loads, wind loads and seismic zones are considerations and engineering imperatives that are designed into every product that we manufacture.


The basic building block of our system lies in the joint connections...

We introduce a piece of steel liner material, which we call the "core" inside every joint. The core is securely attached to both steel members with a total of 12 galvanized steel machine screws insuring a clean tight fit. This affords incredible strength and stability to that joint, and overall produces a structure that is capable of satisfying demanding structural specifications.

Certainly a simple solution, but sometimes the simplest answers produce the best solutions...

At BALLCO we do all of the manufacturing of our COREsystem products on site, and therefore are able to monitor the quality of every piece of metal that comes out of our factory.

We are committed to producing a superior product.